Kelburn Croquet trophies awarded at 2023 prizegiving, 29 April

Association Croquet Open Championship

Sargisson Memorial tankard,  Winner: Baubre Murray

Golf Croquet Open Championship

Ingram, Winner: John Corsham
Campbell Plate, Runner up: Jim Brough

Whitcombe tray, Winner: Lesley Meadows
Runner up: Pam Fuller (No trophy)

Association Croquet Grade Singles   

A Grade Levels tray, Winner: Marion McInnes

B Grade Jolly fondant dish, Winner: Kathleen Coleridge

C Grade Mills cup, Winner: Mary Stevens

Golf Croquet Grade Singles    

Senior Grade Tray, 3 - 5 Winner: Jim Brough. Runner up: Jim Strachan (No trophy)

Primary Grade Tray, 9 -11 Winner: John Stevens.  McDonald Tray, Runner up: Lyn King 

Primary Grade Junior, 12 + Winner: Lesley Meadows. Runner up: Janice Gibb (No trophy)

Association Croquet Handicap Singles Open

McVilly (winner represents our club at WCA event. WCA winner plays in national final), Winner: Pádraig O'Connor.

Golf Croquet Handicap Singles Open

(Winner represents club at WCA event. WCA winner plays in national final.)

Harper tray (Don Reyland club competition), Winner: Ron Rosenberg.  Fluted vase for Runner up: not found.

Association Croquet Handicap Singles

Senior, Pritchard tray,  Winner: Callum McKinnon

Junior, Donovan, (Full bisques), Winner: Jane Norman. Wilson sugar basin, Runner up: John Stevens.

Association Croquet Handicap Doubles - aggregate score

Stevens, Senior winner: Alison Robinson. Junior winner: Jane Norman.

Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles                                     

Entrée dish, Winners: Denise and Dougal Ongley. Sandwich tray, Runners up: Ron Rosenberg and Colette MacKenzie.

Golf Croquet Monday Twilight tournaments Level doubles – aggregate score 

Beverley Upton memorial tray, Winner: Dave Egley. Runner up: Ron Rosenberg (No trophy).                                    

Upton Cup, Winner: David Robinson.

Gloria Biggs Memorial, Runner up: Lyn King (Inaugural year of Gloria Biggs trophy).

Golf Croquet Challenge Ladder Summer season Handicap Singles

Life Members’ brooch, Winner: Pádraig O'Connor.  Runner up: Scott Wilson.

Association Croquet Achievement Awards

Devitt Award, Achieved: Mary Stevens (Step 2: scoring four hoops without bisques in one turn).

Other awards

Best first season player, Ilsley Cup: Janice Gibb.

Best Second Season player, Todd Candlestick: Colette McKenzie.

Most improved player/s (winners are nominated for WCA most improved player award). Lady Johnston Cup, Joint winners: Scott Wilson and Pádraig O'Connor.

For Services to the Club

Crump Claret Jug: Mary Egley.