Enjoy a game of croquet at Kelburn


If you wish to purchase your own mallet, consider purchasing from these reknown New Zealand-based makers. Both makers offer a range of mallet types - see their websites to view the range.

Please contact Mary Stevens (mhrstevens@gmail.com), who coordinates group orders, to let her know of your interest in purchasing a mallet.  

Terminator Mallets

Mike McClure of Terminator Mallets offers a 10% discount and free shipping to Kelburn members, on receipt of a group order.

Wood Mallets

George Wood of Wood Mallets offers members a discount and a free complimentary mallet for the club for a group order of five or more mallets. 


Badge manufacturers have a minimum quantity for orders. Therefore badges will be offered at set periods throughout the year and a bulk order coordinated. 

Metal badges

These badges are 44 mm by 6 mm in size, made of metal, with a pin fastener. The price is $20 each. Please contact Mary Stevens (mhrstevens@gmail.com).

Plastic name badges with club logo

These badges are 70 mm by 25 mm in size, made of plastic and resin. They are $20 each and available with either a pin fastener or a magnet backing. Spare magnets are available for $5 if needed. Email kelburnmcc@gmail.com to order a badge.

Caps and polo shirts

Please contact Mary Stevens regarding these items. (mhrstevens@gmail.com)