Enjoy a game of croquet at Kelburn

Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club

Committee Members 2022/23, and portfolios

Mary Stevens, President, WCA delegate, gardening

Jane Norman, Club Captain, WCC liaison, beginner liaison, school outreach

Lisa Thompson, Vice-President, Minutes, Bar Manager, liaison with commercial cleaning

John Stevens, Secretary

Caroline Townsend-Green, Treasurer

Brian Black, building maintenance

John Corsham, equipment maintenance

Mary Egley, Bookings Coordinator

Pam Fuller, catering, supplies, crew for corporate functions

Pádraig O'Connor, security, community engagement, tournament liaison

Alison Robinson, WCA delegate, hoop setting, coaching

Pat Wiffin, catering, kitchen rosters

Match Committee

Jane Norman, Club Captain, ex officio

John Stevens, Secretary, ex officio

John Corsham

Marion McInnes

Pádraig O'Connor

Communications and marketing

Lesley Meadows

About the club

Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club is a registered incorporated society, formed 17 July 1913. Its purpose is to play croquet. It has a clubhouse and pays for the use and maintenance of Wellington City Council-owned lawns at Salamanca Road, Kelburn. The club is part of the Wellington Croquet Association, and affiliated to Croquet New Zealand.

Unless an invited guest or visiting player, people must be members to play at the club. 

Members elect a committee annually to take care of the general affairs of the club, and make decisions, rules and bylaws as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club bank account

Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club bank account: 03-0518-0184916-00

Privacy Policy

The club respects the privacy of members and visitors and has adopted a Privacy Policy. Some sharing of information and images, such as photos of players and competition winners, is necessary and some aids enjoyment of the game and the community of members. 

Please read the Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns, please contact the Privacy Officer, John Stevens, at this email address - kmcc.privacy.officer@gmail.com

Club documents

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