We're asking you to check your details

As mentioned in the last club newsletter, and at the prize giving last Saturday, I am about to send an email to every member who has given us an email address.  This will come from the club's website/newsletter database, and contain a request that you check the club's record of your membership and contact details. 

We'd like to have everyone's correct details before the AGM in early June. 

New members' information is likely to be correct, but over the years some mistakes have crept into the records of long-standing members. It is good practice to give you the opportunity to check the details the club holds about you.

Action required:

  1. Check your details in the body of the unique email sent to you alone.
  2. Make any corrections necessary by clicking the blue-highlighted link in the very final sentence of the email: “If you would like to modify your registration details, please click on the following link"  This will take you into just your own record in the club's membership database. Edit and correct any wrong details. 
  3. Ignore the financial/fees information. Next season's fees will be confirmed and invoiced after the AGM.
  4. If your details are all correct in the email, no action is required.


  • Every email is unique and private to each member.
  • It will be sent from our website and club newsletter system - Sporty.co.nz
  • The email's headline will be “Form Completed - Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club"
  • The sender will be notifications@sporty.co.nz .

Questions and help:

Email Lesley Meadows on the club's email address kelburnmcc@gmail.com

Thanks in advance for your help.

Lesley Meadows