From the President

Dear All,

We are nearing the end of the summer season, and what a great season it has been despite the threat of Covid! 

Competition both within and outside our club is thriving. Congratulations to all
those who have achieved success and lowered their handicaps.

We have welcomed several keen new members to the club and club days have attracted plenty of players.

Because of Covid disruptions, income from corporate events was less than the record amount earned last year but, even so, we raised some $12,500 for club funds. Over 350 people visited us for these events.

Unlike golf, bridge and bowling clubs we rely on members to volunteer their time to keep the club running. The organisers are the elected committee but they rely on members to help them in their tasks such as catering, gardening, lawn setting, repairs and maintenance. On Saturday 4 June we have the AGM when we elect a new committee. We need nominations for the committee and we will also ask all members if there is an area of service that they are able to help with.

Several experienced members are using club mallets and we ask you to go to our Kelburn croquet site to investigate the different mallets on sale. I can also take orders for Club polo shirts and jackets at any time.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our Summer Season Closing Day Lunch and Prizegiving this coming Saturday 23 April.

After morning play from 9.30 am, we will have drinks from 12 noon and a
shared lunch from 12.30 pm, followed by our prizegiving. Play in both codes can continue in the afternoon.

Please bring food to share. The club will provide the drinks.

Although we are reverting to our pre-Covid-19 format for this event, we do
need to be cautious. If you are serving food to others you need to wear a mask.

Kind regards

Mary Stevens

From the Club Captain 

Welcome new players

Thabi (pronounced ‘Tabby') Sibanda and Kim Moore have signed up for the introductory offer. Hayley Jordan came along for the second time on Saturday and brought her friend Mazarine. I'm sure you will make them welcome and help them enjoy croquet.


David Robinson was winner of the GC Open Singles Ingram Trophy with John Corsham the runner-up. Pam Fuller won the Plate event with Margot Brough the runner-up. Thanks to Jim Brough for organising the event.

WCA Silver Badge competition, hosted by us on 19-20 March: 3 - 5 grade winner Jim Brough; 6 - 8 grade winner David Robinson; runner-up Jim Strachan; 9 -16 runner-up Joan Keate. Joan and Mary Egley, both on 11, faced opponents who were both on 9 and had very creditable results.

KMCC teams were second and third at the Paraparaumu teams’ event.

John Kane, representing Nelson, was third in the national Don Reyland Stars

GC handicap improvements: Lyn King has moved to 9; David Robinson to 5.

End of season

Our lawns are booked for the summer season's last day on Monday 25 April. There will be club play at 1.30 pm on that day.

WCC contractors are expected to start work on the lawns during the week from 26 April, but we can continue to play until the lawns are roped off.

Wellington Club will also be having some work done on their lawns. We don’t yet know the details. When they do, they will let us know. Their Monday and Thursday sessions are at capacity, so, on those days, you are likely to have to wait for a game.

Winter season times

The opening of the winter season is expected to be 21 May, but the work
on the lawns is, obviously, weather dependent. I have asked for a late August finishing time for the winter season.

Winter sessions will start at 10.00 am instead of 9.30 am with no change to the starting times of the other sessions. As customary, we play on three lawns only during winter and play will be rotated around them. This is because we have to pay WCC for the lawn maintenance based on the number of lawns we use.

Possible winter competitions

Any interest in non-AHS (Automatic Handicapping System) GC handicap singles and/or AC handicap singles challenge competitions over the winter? If it is non-AHS, it is not entered on your competition card.

Interclub next season

Interclub competitions run from early October to late November/early December. On Sundays there is the GC handicap (doubles and two singles; one-hour games). On Monday there is the AC handicap (doubles – one time-limited game). A GC competition is played on Wednesdays. The format for this may change from the previous years. I don’t know any more details yet. Some of these will be played at Kelburn and others at various clubs around the Wellington area. Let me know if you may be interested in taking part.

Club draws - protocol reminder

A reminder to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of a session so sessions can start on time and the draw doesn’t have to be re-arranged at the last minute.

The club phone number is 472-9885 if you want to ring in and ask that your name is put in the draw.

Doing the draw can be an unenviable task. Other clubs do random draws which are not modified. That is always an option, but we try to accommodate adjustments if there are considerable disparities between sides or if someone fairly new is partnered with someone who is not comfortable playing with new people. However, last-minute changes have a downside too - they disrupt players who have already positioned themselves on a lawn and hold up play. Any other solutions?

GC Rules

There appears to be some confusion about some aspects of the rules. See below in this newsletter some extracts from the WCF Rules of Golf Croquet 5th Edition (2018). Please note that, if you play an extra stroke and your ball goes through the hoop you are contesting, the hoop is not scored and there is no penalty. You have simply wasted an extra stroke.

Coaching videos

Here is a link to the Basingstoke Croquet Videos, which incorporate changes from the 5th edition of the Rules.

Jane Norman

Annual General Meeting 4 June

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in the clubhouse on Saturday 4 June 2022, commencing at 10am.

All financial members of the club are able to attend and vote. Anybody considering membership is also invited to attend.

Tea or coffee will be served from 9:30am. 

An agenda and reports will be sent to members on or before Friday 7 May 2022. If you have any motions or other business you wish to have added to the agenda, please advise me by email by 5 pm on Friday 30 April 2022.

Nominations for office are now called for the 2022-23 year

Nominations for election must be in the hands of the Secretary, John Stevens, by 5 pm on Wednesday 4 May 2022. See the bottom of this article for a link to the nomination form.

The signed form may be delivered by hand to a committee member, or emailed to John at If emailed, the original signed copy must be handed to the Secretary before the commencement of the  AGM. The current President and Captain have served a one-year term and and are eligible for re-election. All other committee members are eligible for re-election.

Please note you must be a financial member to vote, propose, second or stand for office.

Positions to be elected:

Vice President  
Committee members (7)
Match Committee members (3)


John Stevens

We're asking you to check your details

In the coming week every member who has given us an email address will be sent an emailed invitation to check the club's record of your membership and contact details. We'd like to have everyone's correct details before the AGM. 

New members' information is likely to be correct, but over the years some mistakes have crept into the records of long-standing members. It is good practice to give you the opportunity to check the details the club holds about you.

Action required:

  1. Check your details in the body of the email.
  2. Make any corrections necessary by clicking the blue-highlighted link in the very final sentence of the email: “If you would like to modify your registration details, please click on the following link"  This will take you into just your own record in the club's membership database. Edit and correct any wrong details. Ignore the financial/fees information.
  3. If your details are all correct in the email, no action is required.


  • Every email is unique and private to each member.
  • It will be sent from our website and club newsletter system -
  • The email's headline will be “Form Completed - Kelburn Municipal Croquet Club"
  • The sender will be .

Questions and help:

Email Lesley Meadows on the club's email address

Thanks in advance for your help.

Lesley Meadows

Calendar on the website

The information below was correct at time of writing, but events and dates may change. Please check the club Calendar on our website for the latest information -


  • 23 Apr Summer Season lunch and prizegiving
  • 25 Apr Kelburn last day of summer season. Club play from 1.30 pm.
  • WCC lawn maintenance: late April/May tbc. WCC to confirm likely dates. Lawns to be roped off by WCC contractors, after which the lawns may not be used.


  • WCC lawn maintenance: late April/May tbc. Lawns to be roped off by WCC contractors, after which the lawns may not be used.
  • 21 May tbc, open for club winter play, see winter hours


  • Winter play
  • 4 Jun KMCC AGM
  • 11 Jun WCA AGM


  • Winter play
  • Players’ Meeting and midwinter lunch
Check Calendar on our website -

GC Rules reminders

Some of the GC Rules to keep in mind.

16.2 Unacceptable behaviour
16.2.4 disturbs other players during the match by talking, making noises, standing or moving in front of a player who is about to play a stroke, except as permitted or required by the Rules.

19 Handicap play
19.6 A receiver may not score a point for their side as a result of an extra stroke but may score a point for the opposing side.
19.5.4 Subject to Rule 19.8.2, a receiver who indicates an intention to play an extra stroke may revoke that decision at any time before playing the extra stroke.

19.8 After a fault
19.8.1 If a receiver decides to play an extra stroke after committing a fault in their last stroke, Rule 11.4.2 does not apply and the balls are to be replaced in the positions they occupied before the stroke in which the
fault was committed.
19.8.2 If the balls are replaced in accordance with Rule 19.8.1, the receiver may not then revoke their decision to play an extra stroke.

Official ruling
OR 19.5 Rule 19.5 is to be interpreted as if it contained a new Rule 19.5.5 which states: “A player who has indicated that an extra stroke will not be played, including revoking a decision to play an extra stroke under Rule 19.5.4, may not then change that decision.

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