A Letter from the President Mary Egley

Hello Everyone,

It was heartening to see a good number of members at the AGM a couple of weeks ago and also better still that those who wanted to were able to have a game or two after the meeting. I hope the weather will continue to shine on us during the winter months so those who want can enjoy their croquet.

We have a smaller Committee this year, but that is alright, where needed I shall be calling on members to help us as required. Our new Club Captain is Jim Brough who will be excellent in his job and I will certainly be pleased to work with him. Our new Secretary, Murray King, is very knowledgeable and will be very efficient. Our new Treasurer, John Kane, is currently overseas until the end of June but he will also be good at his job when he comes home. We also have our new Communications lady, Andrea Goethals, who is not officially on the Committee but will be managing the Communications and computer work as needed. Welcome Andrea, I look forward to working with you.

I mentioned at the AGM that a small group of members had started cutting back and tidying the pathways and overgrown shrubs etc. and I suggested I would like to enhance the entrance way to our carpark with a small picket fence. Well, I have submitted an application to the appropriate department within the Council and now have to wait four weeks before I will know if we can carry on with this plan. With help from knowledgeable members we could easily erect a very smart entrance with not too big a price tag.!

My first request is for help with the upcoming Corporate bookings. We need someone who will be able to answer the booking requests for a date the people want and answer the email correctly and efficiently if their date is available. Either a man or lady will be great as long as you have a reasonable knowledge of computer skills. I will be in the background to lend a helping hand if it is needed. The entry form for a booking is set up on our KMCC website under “Hire our Facilities”. The interested party looks at this, fills it in, returns it back to us and we take it from there. As long as the date they are requesting is available all is fine, however, if the date is already booked then we must email then by return, advise them accordingly and offer them another date or dates. Once this has been confirmed that is your side of the job finished and it is then the two committee members – Pam and Lyn who will ask for members help in hosting on the day. Also the Treasurer is involved with sending them an invoice and collecting the deposit and final balance after their event. We already have some Corporate companies booked for their end of year function, and these dates will be made available to you if someone is willing to help us. These Corporate functions are very important to the club as this is our revenue for keeping our fees at a reasonable rate. It is not an onerous job, but most important, and will only take a short time of each day, depending on how many requests we get as the year progresses. Of course you also do it in your time to suit you each day. If you think you are able to help us with this job please, email me, mary@egley.net or phone 04 385 0603 and we can have a chat about the position in more detail. I’m sorry to throw this to you in my first newsletter, but I feel there is someone amongst us who will be able to help and I look forward to chatting with you. As I have said, I will be only a phone call or email away to help you.

Enjoy your winter croquet on the lovely days that will come and take care.