Thank you to all our volunteer helpers

We've had a very busy time at the club over the past two months, so this is a message of sincere thanks to all the volunteers who have helped with all the big events, regular chores and unexpected emergencies.

We could not have achieved so much without all of you who have helped in various ways with -

  • Hosting the children from Clifton Terrace School
  • The Labour Weekend AC Teams Event
  • The north border garden redevelopment
  • Wellington Heritage Festival
  • Offering to help with hosting the Christmas corporate events
  • Coaching, shot-watching and refereeing.
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Lawns, grounds and general maintenance
  • Moving hoops
  • Responding to emergencies like broken boilers, leaking pipes, internet outages, and wonky alarm systems.

…. and everything else it takes to keep the club ticking over so we can Enjoy the Game!

It's a lot, and every bit of help takes the load off someone else. 

So, thank you, one and all!

Praise for Kelburn's hosting of CNZ event

We received praise for the quality of our preparation and hosting of the CNZ Labour Weekend from Stefan Horrer, CNZ's Chief Executive, and Baubre Murray, CNZ Board Member and Kelburn Club member.

I just wanted to thank you again for hosting the AC Club Teams Event on the weekend, which was a great success. We were looked after very well and everyone seemed to enjoy the event, despite some cold weather at times," Stefan Horrer.

“Dear Mary and Jane, I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful long weekend of croquet at the CNZ Club Teams event.  Kelburn really did us proud!  Everything from the food, the bbq, lawns, to the the lawn prep in the mornings was just excellent, bearing in mind I had seen the lawns only a week beforehand. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved!" Baubre Murray.


Moving up in handicap

  • Denise Ongley has moved to an 8 GC handicap.
  • Janice Gibb has moved to 12 GC.
  • Marion McInnes has moved to 4 GC handicap.
  • Ron Rosenberg has moved to a 8 GC.

Qualifying as a referee

  • Sandy Lawson has re-qualified as a GC referee.

On being selected to play

  • Baubre Murray has been selected to play in the AC LNI Team event at Paraparaumu 25 and 26 November.
  • Alison Robinson and Baubre Murray for the AC Women's Invitation at Waikanae, 10-12 November.

Coming up

Kelburn are current holders of the AC Rudkin Brooches. Baubre Murray and Callum McKinnon will be defending the Rudkin against challengers Waimarie on 22 November.

Thanks Colin Menzies, for all your tamping and other help with the lawns, and with coaching.


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