From the President

Hello to you all,

Last Saturday was not a good morning for playing croquet but perfect for writing my newsletter.

To those of you who were not able to attend our 110th birthday lunch last week I can now report that it was a very happy and friendly occasion with much laughter and chatter over a few drinks. Our club rooms looked festive and bright with lovely bunting loaned to us by Janice Gibb and white tablecloths, blue serviettes, stainless steel cutlery and spring flowers on each table.

The food was excellent with seven different delicious salads provided by my committee as well as two very tasty vegetarian dishes and fillets of beef cooked to perfection (phew that was stressful). Then to top it off we had crackers and cheeses, grapes and a creatively decorated birthday cake which our most senior Life Member, Nancy McDonald, did the honour of cutting for us. 

Thank you to all the members who did attend and the lovely comments passed afterwards. As it was also our opening day for the summer season, it is tradition to have someone special to score the first hoop and this year we had our most senior top flight AC player, Alison Robinson, do the honours for us. Thank you Alison. You did a fantastic job under a lot of stress, with those cheeky remarks being passed from the sideline.

Our next major event we are preparing for is the CNZ National AC tournament which we will be hosting at Labour Weekend. Jane and I will be working on this together but we will need support and help with early morning setting of the lawns, including laying the big piping barricades around all the lawns and then bringing everything in again at the end of play in the early evening. There will also be morning and afternoon teas and lunches to prepare for the three days. This is the time when we must turn to our club members to kindly help us with these tasks and a list will be put up on the notice board early in October. Jane and I will also be speaking about everything on club day.

I have been in communication with the Council regarding the wooden lawn borders which they dug up a couple of months ago, as well as the north boundary garden. So far it has been a slow process but I am hopeful of having a meeting this coming week with the Council people in charge and getting an answer as to when we can expect to see the borders closed and some action start on the northern garden area.

Another occasion we can look forward to is The Wellington Heritage Festival at the end of October. Jane, assisted by Wendy Harland and Mary Morris, is working very hard and putting in long hours on this to showcase our club over the 110 years we have been active. As I am not involved, I am not able to comment any further except to say there will be many displays around the club rooms and your help in keeping these safely in place will be appreciated. Jane will be telling us more over the next few weeks.

Finally, I want to offer my best wishes to our teams playing GC Interclub again this year, starting in a couple of weeks. Good luck, go well, and whatever the score I know you will all make Kelburn proud. 

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Mary Egley

From the Club Captain 

Great that our summer season is underway after a short delay.


Best wishes to our four Sunday GC teams, our Monday AC team and our Wednesday GC team for a successful season. You will receive regular updates on their progress.

Clifton Terrace Model School visit

Pupils from the school will be coming along on the afternoon of Thursday 12 October for another session of croquet. I will be asking the regular helpers if they can assist. 

CNZ AC Teams tournament – Labour Weekend 

We have three members taking part in this, each playing in a different team. A reminder that the lawns will not be available for club play. The players will do the managing and refereeing themselves. I will be seeking assistance for some of the other tasks, as mentioned above by Mary.

Wellington Heritage Festival

I am working on the display we will have in the club house and will need assistance – hosts in the clubhouse talking to visitors and people playing croquet outside who will invite visitors to try a game. Please let me know if you can help. For more information about the Festival, see the links in the article following the opening day photos below.


Jane Norman

We're part of Wellington's Heritage

Our historic croquet club will feature as part of this year's showcase of Wellington's historic heritage, in the Wellington Heritage Festival. 

This is thanks to our Club Captain Jane Norman and club members Mary Morris and Wendy Harland. 

From 26 October to 5 November, people will be able to book in a two-hour window for a tour of the clubhouse and lawns and learn about our history and the game of croquet.

You can check out our listing the the full festival at the links below.


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