Membership renewal forms on their way

Hello members,

Membership renewal forms for the 2023-24 year are on their way to you.

You will soon receive an email from the club's email address that is an headed up “Kelburn Croquet Club - membership renewal forms for 2023-24".

This is a legitimate email and will contain a secure and unique link to your membership record in our database. 

As you did so successfully last year, please click the blue link and check and amend your records if necessary. 

At the last AGM, we decided to add an extra mandatory question asking whether you allow your name, email address and preferred phone number to be included in a small printed membership directory that will be made available to members only. You will need to select yes or no before you can submit the form to complete your registration renewal.

Fees are unchanged this year. They are required to be paid by 30 September, preferably by online banking to the club's account.

This renewal request is being sent earlier than usual because we are changing some of the behind-the-scenes systems, and want to be sure they are all good before the new summer season.

If you have any questions about this, please just ask.

Lesley Meadows
021 351 565