Watch out for scam messages

You have probably read or watched the news about the huge increase in fraudulent scam messages that are being received by New Zealanders lately.

This is just a reminder to be careful. 

The club's enquiry email address received a scam email today that was posing as a request from Mary Egley. My email system had overlaid a message warning that it could be a scam message.

I opened up the full details of who had sent the email and saw that it came from an email address called “", which is most definitely not Mary Egley's email address, nor the Kelburn Croquet Club President's email address. 

I have attached a photograph of this below, so you can see what to look for to check whether an email is genuine. (The photograph is safe - it is inert and contains no clickable live links.)

I suspect this scam attempt may have occurred because I have recently updated the contact page on our club's website with the names of the new club officers and their club email addresses. Any information on the web can be ‘skimmed off' by friendly and unfriendly systems.

If you have any questions about this, please just ask.

Lesley Meadows
021 351 565

Photograph of scam email

The picture to the left is an inert image of a scam email received today in the club's enquiry inbox.

The full details of sender and addresee(s) can be seen by opening the address bar that the left red arrow points to.

The fake email address is shown under the large red down arrow.