Results of March member survey

Responses to the March informal and anonymous online survey have been compiled into the report attached in the link below.

Our sincere thanks to the respondents - about one-third of active members - for completing the survey. It has given the club's committee a better understanding of your views and preferences for our planning and to represent your views to our regional and national bodies.

Responses to the questions on when, where, and how competitively you like to play croquet, and how your club can better support this, are likely to be the subject of some good morning tea conversations.

To summarise the summary, if that's possible, it seems most people think the club is doing well to provide a mix of social and competitive croquet, and supporting those who want to improve their game. 

People's enjoyment of croquet, and their ability to play more, are influenced by their time availability, and other factors in their lives. We're all different - some want to play a more social game, and some would enjoy more competition.

The main message here may be that the club needs to be able to respond to a variety of wishes. Have a read and see what you think. Share your views, and contribute to the conversation about the club's future development.


Lesley Meadows
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