Thanks for help with the working bee

Dear members,

Thank you to everyone who came to the working bee yesterday morning. There was a great turnout of 31 members and much was achieved.

A busy team of gardeners cleaned up the border and planted two camellias and a kowhai.

The south fence was painted and the bushes behind it were pruned back. The fence on the city side of the lawns was repaired. 

The car park was raked and the undergrowth bordering the shed path tidied. 

The shed was water-blasted and the club house gutters were cleaned. 

The magnetic markers were removed in readiness for the lawn makeover this week, and the carts and balls were cleaned. 

AND the morning tea was sensational!

The lawns will be closed for play from Monday 29 August until and including Friday 9 September, re-opening on Saturday 10 September, our official opening day.

Kind regards

Mary Stevens